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vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Color choises....

 I have to make a color choise for the Country cottage
that i want to make in de 'new'and clean dollhouse.
But that so hard...i don't know wich color to choose.
The cottage is now still white at all,
and i've purchased the windows and a frontdoor that i wanted to paint.

Maybe you can help me out!
i've got here some pictures from a cottage for inspiration
there from:Brocaatje
 I love this style and the colors at the inside of the cottage.

But at the outside it's a very different house with mine.
So that's why i'm having difficults to choose colors....

and this the house i wanted to change into a country cottage:

I've placed the windows and the frontdoor so you can see them.
there missing 2 windows but the're in order and
 i got this morning a thelephone that i can pick them up tomorrow.
So know  that why i have to make a color choise;-)

So...which color should you choose?????


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  1. How about something like this design:

    It's very similar to your house.



    I think that one ^^^ would probably be easier if you were looking to paint it. Whereas the first one would be done with paper or proper miniature stone tiles.

    I hope this helps!

    Good luck choosing a colour and I really look forward to seeing it painted!

  2. I think that the grey would go really well with your house with the white windows and door as well as with the same colour roof. You could build up the front a bit, make a small wooden terrace on the front and add a flower bed in front of the big window. And if there's enough space, you could also do country styled shutter to the windows :) And a hanging plant between the door and window.

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. me gusta el techo rojo, color barro.aunque el gris no es mi color, quizás un gris azulado....
    en fin seguro que usted nos sorprenderá gratamente.
    un abrazo

    I like the red roof, color barro.aunque the grey is not my color, probably a bluish grey....
    In sure end(purpose) that we will surprise you pleasingly.
    An embrace

  4. Unfortunately I always enjoy the same combinations of colors: slate roof, window frames white, cream or pale blue exterior ...
    But I am sure you will do an outstanding job!
    Thank you for sharing the great website :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. Voor dit huisje zou ik een grijzig lichtblauw, of vuil lichtroze kiezen. Kijk even op Google/Farrow&Ball die hebben prachtige kleuren. Ik koop regelmatig testpotjes en daar doe ik heel wat mee.Veel succes met jouw prachtig huisje.
    groetjes Ingrid

  6. Wat een leuk huis! De kleuren die Brocaatje heeft gebruikt vind ik erg mooi: het grijs. Mijn eigen poppenhuis heb ik ook grijs gemaakt en de latjes wat oude accenten gegeven door het te brushen met een "vuile" lichtblauwe verf. Zo krijg je het verbleekte aan de uiteinden van de latjes. Maar de tips hierboven voor pasteltinten zoals vuilroze is ook erg leuk.
    Succes met het kiezen van een kleur. Proefverven op een paar latjes is een goed idee.
    Gr. Nancy

  7. Hi!
    Thanks Marleen. I realy like your dolhouses.
    Rute :D