Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

maandag 26 april 2010

Visit from friend's.....

Yesterday my friend Emma,who lives in Rotterdam,came to me with the train.
Afther a long yourney of 3 hours and 20 minutes see was there.
I piked her of the train station and drove her to my house.
Afther a cup of coffee and tea with an fresh muffin baked by my daughter,
we've given each other gifts.
Emma has made me a beautiful carpet that she has embroidered for me.
Look how beautiful it is;

I've forgot to take a photo of my gift to her...shame on me!
I gave Emma a little bear with a little knitted dress made by myself ofcourse ;-)

Afther the lunch my other friend Annet has arrived and  the three of us we're going to visit
my fiend Sylvia .
Well Sylvia has created a very nice place outside in her beautiful garden.
Afther coffee and tea with an tompouce ?(a dutch delicasy)
We've had a look in the sevend heaven of Sylvia (LOL)

Afther a chat and drinks Emma has filled her bags with the most beautiful workshop packets from Sylvia
we've had to go home.
I've cooked spaghetti bolognese and we had ice cream with strawberry's and whipcream as dessert.
Than it was already time to bring Emma back to the train station,to bad it was time for her to go back home.
It was a very nice day,but much to short!
Next time i go over and visit Emma in Rotterdam......very soon :-)

Here's a photo with the three of us;

Me,Emma and Annet


maandag 19 april 2010


 I've been knitting again
but i want it to be very small this time.
Just have a look;

The little bed is also made by me;

On my finger so you can see how small it is;

With love,Marleen

zondag 18 april 2010

The bed...

 i have painted the wired bed and it began to rust ;

now i need to make the mattress and bedding,
that not my favorite thing to do so.....

With love,Marleen


I received a few awards ;

From Lara , Mimmi and Ingrid ;

From Dora ;

from Charini

Thank you  all for these beautiful awards!
I'm very honered to get these from you ;-)

With love,Marleen

woensdag 14 april 2010

Knitted little dress

 In the passed few days iv'e knitted a little dress with a pant
for a doll-baby.

With love,Marleen

woensdag 7 april 2010

A new Award!

 Anthoula gave me this beautiful Award;

I am very excited to be considered a fellow artisan of miniatures by such a talented miniaturist.
It's to much honor for me.....but i'm very proud of it ;-)
Thank you very much Anthoula!

Now i have to give the award at 5 fellow artisan miniaturist......
But i can't make a choice....
So i will give the award to everyone who's following and visiting my blog.
Take the award with you and place it on your blog!
I love all your blogs and all the things you make,
you all deserve this beautiful Award!

With love,Marleen