Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

What's in my mail today...

 The postman ringed at my doorbel today!
He's got a huge packet for me.....
oooooh what sould be in i ask myself.
Well these beautifull swaps from 2 ladies from the swap-forum wich i join.
look for yourself how gorgeus they are:

A hooked blanked,a breadbasket with bread
and a breadbox white bread and a real working crumb-tray!
This is all made by Joke Ouwerkerk,thank you Joke
And al these beauties going to have a place in my Brocante Villa;-)

And this is made by Hélène;

A wickerd toy-basket with toys in it.

And in the basket is a Ot en Sien puzzle
a jump-rope a yo-yo and a hammer game
And these will find al place in my Ot en Sien-shop!


vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Color choises....

 I have to make a color choise for the Country cottage
that i want to make in de 'new'and clean dollhouse.
But that so hard...i don't know wich color to choose.
The cottage is now still white at all,
and i've purchased the windows and a frontdoor that i wanted to paint.

Maybe you can help me out!
i've got here some pictures from a cottage for inspiration
there from:Brocaatje
 I love this style and the colors at the inside of the cottage.

But at the outside it's a very different house with mine.
So that's why i'm having difficults to choose colors....

and this the house i wanted to change into a country cottage:

I've placed the windows and the frontdoor so you can see them.
there missing 2 windows but the're in order and
 i got this morning a thelephone that i can pick them up tomorrow.
So know  that why i have to make a color choise;-)

So...which color should you choose?????


Question about Springwood cottage...


I have, at one of the blogs of you all, seen a Springwood Cottage,
but i can't find it again.
So my question is:
If you know wich blog i'm looking for please send me the link in a comment under this post!
I will be very thankfull....