Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

maandag 21 juni 2010

Hat-box and roof-tiles....

Tonight i had a online workshop at the Dutch Doll House forum.
We've made a hat-box,aldough my hand and arm hurts i've finshed my hat-box!
My hat box isn't that beautiful ,but for the first time i'm satisfied;-)

this afthernoon i started to make roof-tiles for the cleaned doll house.
i have to make lots and lots  more of those roof-tiles!

I think i will make a country cottage in it...


Yessss,the dirty work is done!

 I'm so glad that the dirty work is over.

             I have a chisel used to first remove all the coarse surface layer,

Then I sanded the whole thing and I put  wet towels in boiling water with vinegar on the dirty spots
 made out to loosen things.

Then I could so easily remove the dirt.

Then I let everything dry and sanded again and again in the primer gezet.
 The house smells no longer at cats-poo but at fresh primer .... and it smells so much better;-)
It looks brand new by now:-))



dinsdag 15 juni 2010

A 'new 'dollhouse!

 Tonight my hubbie and i were visiting our oldest son.
A few years a go i've asked my friends husband to build a doll house for his birthday.
I had a picture of how the doll house i wanted for him,and just the way i wanted to be the doll house is build.
My son loves the doll house very much,but he's got no money to finish the doll house.
So his cats has used the doll house to play in it(LOL)
But they have also do some damage at the doll house....
So my son has decited to gif the doll house back to me!
So tonight we took it to our home.
I must say that i must clean it first....
The cats have used it as a it smell not so good:-(
yakkkkk,a very unpleasend work is waiting for me to do.
I'll hope i can get it clean and odor free.
So if anyone has a good tip to get this al cleaned up,please leave a comment!

This is the doll house (the pictures are made at our previous house):

This is the doll house as he's got it from us

Ofcourse mom has to put it in the primer and .... the outside plaster-work on it.

Know i must be thinking of what i want to do with it,
what kind of house it must going to be....
I thougt about a cottage with a thatched roof but will it look good for this house model???
Pffffft....i really don't know by now,
so firts i'm cleaning it out and have a good thinking about it;-)


woensdag 9 juni 2010

Bistro set

In the past few days I have been busy making a bistro set,

as far as my arm that allowed.
Especially cutting and sanding was very painful,but i can't just sitting and do nothing.
So its during a little bit longer than usual to finishing. But the Dutch saying goes thus: honesty is the best ;-)

At work I get it busier in the coming period, because I've got a few new clients there.
 Unfortunately I like less time left to be busy making miniatures.

Then my daughter a few days' birthday, then she is 17 Already ... time flies.
So there's gone be a birthday party this weekend, and i have to make some birthday cakes at saturday.
So next week i will be very busy....
Hope to see you al back soon!


dinsdag 1 juni 2010

I'm still here

It's  very quiet on my side ... sorry for that!

That's because I'm a burden bursitis in my right shoulder and strained muscles in my forearm.

For me that is quite bales because I'm right handed and therefore I do almost everything with my right hand and arm!

So I have dosed tinkering, so once the pain I am sorry to stop momentum.

But even though I did get some crafting made recently.
These shoe's i have made on a online workshop
on the Dutch Dollhouse forum,thy are made from real leather.
They stand on a 10 eurocent coin.

tea- coffee- and sugar canisters

A cookie jar

butter dish with butter in it

Some knitting for a friend.
This is for a doll of 6 cm!

And a knitted pillow

I'll hope my arm and shoulder wil be better very soon,
so i can work at my miniatures like i normaly do....