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dinsdag 15 juni 2010

A 'new 'dollhouse!

 Tonight my hubbie and i were visiting our oldest son.
A few years a go i've asked my friends husband to build a doll house for his birthday.
I had a picture of how the doll house i wanted for him,and just the way i wanted to be the doll house is build.
My son loves the doll house very much,but he's got no money to finish the doll house.
So his cats has used the doll house to play in it(LOL)
But they have also do some damage at the doll house....
So my son has decited to gif the doll house back to me!
So tonight we took it to our home.
I must say that i must clean it first....
The cats have used it as a it smell not so good:-(
yakkkkk,a very unpleasend work is waiting for me to do.
I'll hope i can get it clean and odor free.
So if anyone has a good tip to get this al cleaned up,please leave a comment!

This is the doll house (the pictures are made at our previous house):

This is the doll house as he's got it from us

Ofcourse mom has to put it in the primer and .... the outside plaster-work on it.

Know i must be thinking of what i want to do with it,
what kind of house it must going to be....
I thougt about a cottage with a thatched roof but will it look good for this house model???
Pffffft....i really don't know by now,
so firts i'm cleaning it out and have a good thinking about it;-)


14 opmerkingen:

  1. What a wonderful house! It will be worth the effort to restore. After disinfecting,there are some paints that seal odors. Obviously you will be doing this with love. CM

  2. I agree, a lovely looking house and worth the trouble to get it restore it.

    I suggest you take a trip to your local pet store first. They probably sell a spray to neutralise the cat urine odor. I have a lot of sympathy with this problem, we have a lot of trouble with possums getting into our cottage in NZ, they like to make a nice nest in the walls, and of course they like to pee there too... :(

  3. I'm glad you have rescued it from its kitty inhabitants! It is a very pretty house.


  4. Yes it's a great house but I don't know how to get rid of the smell. Norma's idea sounds good. I think there is something that neutralises the smell. If I can remember what it is I'll let you know.

  5. Marleen, wat een mooi huis. Ik zou er persoonlijk een leien dak op maken, want voor een mooie English thatched cottage is het eigenlijk te hoog. Kijk maar eens naar plaatjes op het internet van English thatched cottages. Veel plezier ermee. Je kunt nog alle richtingen uit.

  6. Good luck with the cleaning! The house is great, I'm sure you will soon have an idea of what it's going to be.

  7. It's a really nice shape - I can see it with a thatched roof. I can't help you with the smell though, probably a good scrub and lots of fresh air.

  8. Thank you for your tips.
    Afther a good night sleep i know that a thached roof is not suiteble at this doll house.
    Yes i think that slates the best roof is fo this doll house.
    But do i make them from paper of carbord or..??
    Pffft,how difficult can it be to make up my mind about it! LOL

    btw,its not urine that my son's cats has left in's the browning things they have left in it!So it's very very bad.....
    I have to use a chisel to remove it!


  9. Te deseo mucha suerte con el olor,quizas si pones un absorbe olores dentro y precintas bien la casa por algun tiempo,te pueda desaparecer.
    La casa es preciosa y merece una segunda oportunidad,mucha suerte y paciencia,saludos

  10. Leuke poppenhuis.
    Probeer met emmer water en ammoniak schoonmaken. Wel buiten doen voor de vieze lucht,hoor! Succes.

  11. Que bueno, darle otra oportunidad a esa preciosa casa. En lo de los olores no te puedo ayudar mucho, pero se me ocuure que un gran absorvente de olores es el café. Prueba con poner en un vasito algo de café molido o granos tostados de café y cierras la casa. Cambia el café cada 3 o 4 días. Suerte.

  12. wonderful job! I love it !!thx for sharing~

  13. Wat een leuk huis! Ik denk dat het moeilijk schoonmaken was want alles trekt in het hout he?
    Maar zodra je het in grondverf hebt gezet, zijn de luchtjes daarmee ook in/afgesloten en heb je er geen last meer van, denk ik? Je hebt dat al gedaan aan de foto's te zien, nu is het weg waarschijnlijk. Ben benieuwd hoe je het verder gaat maken.
    Groetjes Nancy

  14. Is de vervelende geur verdwenen?
    Nancy haar tip zou goed werken als met grondverf en daarna verven.