Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

maandag 26 juli 2010

I'm Back!

Hello dear readers,

After a while been absent, I am  back again!

Not because I did not want to tinker, but because I could not because I was tinkering with an injection in my wrist my hand have gotten to the pain in my hand and arm reduction.

Unfortunately, during the injection of putting something went wrong and therefore I could not do anything and I just had a lot more pain.

It felt like if the skin was burned and i could yet pick up a teaspoon.

Now it's becoming a little better and now I again tried to make some miniatures,
 miraculously i could managed that yet!

So last weekend I've been busy and yet i want to show you what i've made;

At first i finished my emboider pillow

after that i've made a little bear with a wind-mill in his hands but
i gave the bear to my neighbour and forget to make a photo of it!
but next time i visit my neighbour i will ask her to make a photo so i can show it here;-)

Today i have made a wedding-hat ;

Front of the hat

side way

and the bach-side of the hat

Then i have made this pink hat for a bridesmaid;

At last i have made two storage baskets;

And i have notished that i have allready passed the 250 followers!!!
Wauwwww,i very surprised that so many people like to read my blog
and watch my miniatures.
So thank you all for following and reading my blog!
I will think about another give away for the fact that i have passed the 250;-)
So keep looking here and soon  i will be announce a  new give away!


woensdag 7 juli 2010

A day with my friend in Rotterdam

The 27e of juni i went for a day to my friend Emma who live in the city of Rotterdam.
I went by train and the trip would take 3 hours and 20 minutes....
Only just before the city of Gouda the train suddenly braked hard  and then stopped..

What appeared to be the case......
 OMG, there was someone jumped in front of the train!
we've stould there  over 2 houres before the train go further to Rotterdam.
Finally arrived in Rotterdam,
Emma has already waiting  two houres for me at the station.
At her home we have a lunch at first and then we gave each other gifts.
This is what i made for Emma

The iron plant hanger

And this is what Emma and i have made together

Hats and bags

Emma have learned me how to embroider!
Yes i'm so proud that i can embroider by my self now :-)
these are my first crossstitches

And this far is it now

I like it very much!
It's going be a pillow for the brocante villa;-)

And then the day has ended....
Emma her son brougt me with his car back home.
We will soon meeting again ....