Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

vrijdag 3 september 2010

Visit from dollhouse friends

Last Wednesday I had three dollhouse girlfriends visiting me.
They had to travel for 3 houres by car to get here!
It was very nice and we've had much fun together.
I get a very nice present for my dollhouse;
and inside this beautiful shoppingbag on wheels
was still a lunchbox and thermos too!

With hotdogs in the lunchbox...... yammieeeeee!

Thank you Marlies,i love it!

Marlies have made these because i allway take a real shoppingbag on wheels with me
when i'm going to a dollhouse Exhibition (LOL)
The last time i went to an exhibition,my daughter filled a very large luchbox full with delicious
sandwiches but  to much for me allone.
 And so am I now, by the ladies of the Dutch forum, frequently plagued with my lunch box full of delicious sandwiches(LOL)
So that's why Marlies came to the idea to make this for me hahahahaa!
I'm very excited to get these beautiful gifts....

We've made some silk-roses and straw-hats,
had coffee with a strawberry-pie
a nice lunch and in the afthernoon a high tea(also with coffe and lemonade)

unfortunately i do'nt have any picture of what the ladies have made here,
but i do have a picture of mine;-)

the pink hat is decorated with silk roses that I made them myself

A brown hat with lace and feathers

And a terracotta hat with feathers and silk-bows

And then the ladies has to go home.....
time flies when you have fun!
But soon enough i will go visit the ladies too.