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woensdag 7 juli 2010

A day with my friend in Rotterdam

The 27e of juni i went for a day to my friend Emma who live in the city of Rotterdam.
I went by train and the trip would take 3 hours and 20 minutes....
Only just before the city of Gouda the train suddenly braked hard  and then stopped..

What appeared to be the case......
 OMG, there was someone jumped in front of the train!
we've stould there  over 2 houres before the train go further to Rotterdam.
Finally arrived in Rotterdam,
Emma has already waiting  two houres for me at the station.
At her home we have a lunch at first and then we gave each other gifts.
This is what i made for Emma

The iron plant hanger

And this is what Emma and i have made together

Hats and bags

Emma have learned me how to embroider!
Yes i'm so proud that i can embroider by my self now :-)
these are my first crossstitches

And this far is it now

I like it very much!
It's going be a pillow for the brocante villa;-)

And then the day has ended....
Emma her son brougt me with his car back home.
We will soon meeting again ....


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Poder gozar de la compañía de amigos a los que les interesa las mismas cosas, y compartir ideas y enseñanzas, es genial.
    felicidades por su amistad
    un abrazo

    Able to enjoy the company of friends who care about the same things, and share ideas and lessons, is great.
    Congratulations for your friendship
    a hug

  2. Hello Marleen! how nice to read these meetings! Internet is not so virtual!
    I'm sorry for the wait for two hours at the station, but I am very sorry for that poor man who jumped in front of the train ...
    hats are very beautiful, oh! As I also I have a friend with whom to do with minis!
    I also really like your iron hook, is well on the wall!
    cross-stitch embroidery is my damn, I can not learn ...
    kisses, Caterina

  3. Que bien poder pasar un ratito con una amiga de las minis y encima que te enseñe a hacer punto de cruz.
    Te esta quedando precioso y los sombreros son una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  4. Immer wenn man was vor hat passiert dann sowas. 2 Stunden Verspätung....!!!

    Aber Ihr hattet ja noch genug Zeit und es sind einige wirklich schöne Dinge bei Eurem Treffen entstanden. Die Taschen und Hüte sind zauberhaft!

    Aber das Sticken sieht auch toll aus. Das ist etwas, das ich auch noch nicht kann... oder sagen wir mal... ich habe es noch nicht probiert. Dein Kissen sieht schon richtig toll aus.

    Liebe Grüße an Dich PuNo/Monika

  5. It was a difficult journey but worth it. At the end, the day was cute and friendly. Congratulations!

  6. Hoi Marleen,

    Ik wilde je even bedanken voor de leuke workshop op je blog van de trekker! Ik heb vandaag met Karin (Westzijde) heerlijk zitten knutselen en een aantal trekkers en wissers gemaakt. Ik heb er zelf wat variaties op verzonnen en ben uitgegaan van jou workshopje! Het was reauze leuk om te maken en ik heb het op mijn blog gepost met een aantal linkjes naar jou site en workshopje!


  7. Hello Marleen, I really like how you have spent your day caps are delicious (I did one today, for the cabinet of the Victorian home and I hope to show it tomorrow) and your beautiful embroidery. Although I was already an adult when I learned to embroider, and is now one and my favorite pastime :-)
    Indeed, in this regard, I will ask if you can publish the pattern you're making: is very nice and I like to copy it :-)
    Mini kisses, flora

  8. A pesar de ser un viaje duro, creo que merecio la pena ya que aprovechasteis muy bien el tiempo, el cojin que estas haciendo se ve precioso,besos

  9. Wat mooi dat je borduren geleerd hebt, leuk he, het ziet er al mooi uit.
    Verder ook hele miie miniaturen.

  10. Wat leuk dat je leert borduren van Emma en samen knutselen.
    En het is echt vervelend dat je zo lang moet wachten in de trein.

    Ciao Lisette (Bardolino)

  11. Hi Marleen,

    thank you so much for joining my blog - thus gave me the chance to find yours! I'm a follower now and am very happy not to miss your newest posts from now on. I sure like the things I've seen so far on your blog.

    Greetings from Germany

  12. Hi Marlen: I write you from Spain, first thing is sorry for my english, but i hope you understand me We make a magazine of miniatures in Spain, and for us will be a pleasure if you can send us a toturial from hats and bags, they are really wonderful. Here you have the link from our magazinne. I wait your answer.

    Our email is