Blooming Sparkly Red Rose

maandag 21 juni 2010

Yessss,the dirty work is done!

 I'm so glad that the dirty work is over.

             I have a chisel used to first remove all the coarse surface layer,

Then I sanded the whole thing and I put  wet towels in boiling water with vinegar on the dirty spots
 made out to loosen things.

Then I could so easily remove the dirt.

Then I let everything dry and sanded again and again in the primer gezet.
 The house smells no longer at cats-poo but at fresh primer .... and it smells so much better;-)
It looks brand new by now:-))



10 opmerkingen:

  1. ¡La casa luce magnifica! me alegro de que desapareciera el olor,saludos

  2. O,gelukkig is opgelost en nu ga je lekker verder knutselen.

  3. Well, it certainly looks better now and I can imagine your happy that the smell is gone :D Can't wait to see the wonders you'll make to the house :)

  4. Dat is tenminste opgelost Marleen. Nu kun je weer lekker aan de gang...


  5. Se ve mucho mejor y me alegro mucho que haya solucionado el tema del olor. Espero los avances. Besos.

  6. A blank canvas - look forward to see how it turns out. Nice house to work with and the little windows in the roof are very nice.

  7. The proportions are nice so this will be a great house to work on. You must be so glad the cleaning is over!

  8. That is great, you have partly transformed the ugly duckling, the rest of the work is fun!

  9. la felicito ahora llega el momento feliz, trabajar para hacer una gran casa, estoy deseando ver los avances
    un abrazo

    I congratulate her now the happy moment comes, to work to do a great house, I want to see the advances
    An embrace