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vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Question about Springwood cottage...


I have, at one of the blogs of you all, seen a Springwood Cottage,
but i can't find it again.
So my question is:
If you know wich blog i'm looking for please send me the link in a comment under this post!
I will be very thankfull....


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  1. Hi Marleen, um is it an actual blog you're looking for? The only Springwood Cottage that I know of is this one from this website:

    I hope this helps, and apologies if this isn't the right one.

    Shellby x

  2. Hi Shellby,

    I have seen it on a blogspot-blog....
    its's from someone who's having the Springwood Cottage and she is working on it;-)
    The link you've send me is not the one i ment,sorry...

    Thank you for thinking and looking with me;-)
    I'm soooo stupped that i havend saved that blog separatly.....i'm looking for 3 days now:-((


  3. Hello Marleen, all our computers have a device for looking back all the pages we have visited! Browse the sites that you saw with "history", perhaps going back in time to find the blogs that you seek ... I'm sorry I can not help better than that!
    if I should happen to find the cottage that you seek I write to you again!
    kisses, Caterina

  4. Caterina,thank you very much for this tip...i just forgot that possibility(shame on me!)

    I've just looked in my 'history' but even there i can't find only goes back for one week.....i'm affraid that it was before last week that i saw the blog i'm looking for....


  5. Hola Marleen, yo tengo una Springwood Igual viste mi post. Allí tienes un link de la firma. Un beso.


    Misschien bedoel je deze link?

    Groet Lisette

  7. Carmen,thank you very much yes,i was looking for your' could i forget that it was your blog! Well i have saved it sepperaty so i can't forget it again (LOL)
    I knew it was someone who has left a comment on my blog..i coun't remeber whom....
    I'm very glad that it's found:-))

    Lisette,dank je wel!
    het was niet de blog die ik zocht,maar ik heb de link die je gaf wel meteen opgeslagen....enne ook meteen apart van de andere blogs;-)