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woensdag 25 augustus 2010

What's in my mail today...

 The postman ringed at my doorbel today!
He's got a huge packet for me.....
oooooh what sould be in i ask myself.
Well these beautifull swaps from 2 ladies from the swap-forum wich i join.
look for yourself how gorgeus they are:

A hooked blanked,a breadbasket with bread
and a breadbox white bread and a real working crumb-tray!
This is all made by Joke Ouwerkerk,thank you Joke
And al these beauties going to have a place in my Brocante Villa;-)

And this is made by Hélène;

A wickerd toy-basket with toys in it.

And in the basket is a Ot en Sien puzzle
a jump-rope a yo-yo and a hammer game
And these will find al place in my Ot en Sien-shop!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Marleen :-) What a great swap - all lovely items especially the bread box.

  2. The gifts are all absolutely beautiful!