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zondag 18 april 2010

The bed...

 i have painted the wired bed and it began to rust ;

now i need to make the mattress and bedding,
that not my favorite thing to do so.....

With love,Marleen

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Marlene, it has been wonderful. Beautiful girl.
    I love how works. You are a great artist. I congratulate her
    A Carmen hug

  2. It looks wonderful! I hate doing the mattresses also, that's why I cheat and just cover the "mattress" with a sheet :D


  3. That is a gorgeous Bed, Marleen
    Will be fab to see how you dress it too!!!

  4. I love your bed Marleen, that is what inspired me to try metal. Love the rust too and look forward to seeing how you dress it. I had a go at making a mattress but it didn't turn out too well, think I will buy one. lol

  5. Het is eigenlijk zo zonde om een matras te maken, dan zie je de spiraalbodem niet meer.
    Maar het is een fantastisch bed geworden!
    Groetjes Sylvia

  6. This bed looks a lot like what I bought for my daughter, cream.
    I love it!

  7. Marleen, I'm so very impressed ....
    For me it is more than beautiful and (unbelieveable)handmade, wow.
    I wish I'll be able to make such gems ...
    I'm curious of the next steps

  8. Your wired bed is stunningly beautiful. Impressive work you´ve done. Makes me want to learn soldering... Looking forward to see the bedding :0)