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maandag 1 november 2010

Update and more...

Hello everyone,

At first thank you for all of  your comments and best wishes.
So nice to read them,they gave me a warm feeling;-)
Thank you for that!

The surgery is now two weeks behind me and i should have some improvement,
but unfortunately I still have the same symptoms as before surgery.
The first three nights afther the surgery i did'nt sleep at all,
now i can sleep again hurrayyyyyy!
So i can't do much ,i have no strength in my hand and the tinglings in my fingers are still there
i've got no feeling in my fingers and the are so cold that it feels if they are frozen.

Past Thursday are the stitches removed,i'm very glad with it because they were too tight!
I don't use painkillers anymore,
Tomorrow i have to go to the hospital for a check up,and i hope that the docter can help me if anything else can be done to get some improvement.

I saw on different blog's of yours some beautiful Christmas items.
i still can't make mini's at the moment,but i have some pictures that i havend shared here,
so i will place them now.
These are 2 Christmas-corners (1:144) that i made a few years ago for a contest,
i have won the thirt-prize whit them!
i was my first contest ever.


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic minies, Marlies. And I´m glad to hear that you are getting better.
    Love, Susanne

  2. Thanks for showing those wonderful minis - and of course welcome back! But it's sad to hear that you've still so much difficulties... I'll keep my fingers crossed that things will get better very soon.

    Have a great week!

  3. Jeetje is het nog steeds niet beter, ooh ik weet hoe ellendig het is als je één van je handen moet missen. Ik hoop dat je snel wordt geholpen en dat er beterschap komt. Die werkjes van jou zijn schitterend; ik had ze al vroeger gezien maar ze terug bewonderen was heel leuk :-))
    Ik duim voor jou
    groetjes Ingrid

  4. Son dos rinconeras muy bonitas.
    Espero te recuperes pronto.
    Besitos, May

  5. What a nuisance, old and sick!
    I always want to stay young and perky: I am studying a formula, if I find it, forward it to you :-)
    Meanwhile, a big hug and thank you for showing these wonderful works :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. wat vervelend dat het je niet meezit en ik hoop dat het snel wat beter gaat. Je werkjes zien dr prachtig mooi uit.

    groetjes ilonka

  7. The Christmas displays are so detailed! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope that you will feel better and return to creating miniatures soon!

  8. Me alegro de que ya puedas dormir. Ahora que no puedes hacer minis pasea por los blogs, disfrutaras de tantos trabajos que están haciendo.
    No tengas prisa, esas recuperaciones tienen que hacerse tranquila.
    Besos Clara

  9. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  10. I hope your hands are better.
    Your roomboxes 1/144 are wonderful.
    I love them.

  11. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.