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zaterdag 27 maart 2010

What i use for soldering

I will show you what tools I use for soldering.

When you first see a small pliers including cutting pliers,
 flat-jaw pliers in 2 different versions and a round mouth-tang.

In addition to the picture you see a bottle of acrylic paint from Aleen's,
which I use to make nice big round circles,
  And an ordinary color pencil  from the  color-box of my youngest son.
That I use to make smaller circles.

I use solder paste (greas) and lead holding solder tin
(60 tin 40 lead)

then my tile with double sided carpet tape on it

I use an ordenairy soldering iron just a cheap one
i bought at a discount supermarket!

I use galvanized iron wire of various thicknesses.
You can also use copper wire for soldering.

And ......two hands to work with (LOL)
You most not let the solder iron fall on your hand like i did just a few minutes ago......

It realy hurtssssssssss!!!

With love,Marleen

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Ouch! That looks like it hurts. Thank you for sharing your tools. Did you make your pattern?

  2. Hi Carol, no i didn't make the pattern....this pattern is made by my friend Sylvia.
    My hand will be healed soon....i hope,it very painful right now :-(


  3. Marlene that is so cool:) I would love to try soldering. Maybe now I will have a go with it after seeing your instructions. Thanks:) Oh I am sorry for your arm also. I hope it diden't hurt for too long!

  4. Hoi Marleen,

    Dank je wel voor uitleg. En ik heb de soldeerspullen wel liggen in de schuur. De dubbelzijde plakband heb ik niet aan gedacht. Erg bedankt voor een goeie tip! Want bij mij gaat elke keer mis en nu weet ik waarom mis ging, hihi.

    Wat erg van je hand. Dat deed zeer.

    Liefs Lisette

  5. Oh no that hurts!
    Im very interested in what you use, the doublesided tape idea is brilliant, to hold while you sold-er lol
    I would luv to try that!
    Just have to get all the bits together and try I guess, soon I hope
    thank you for sharing those ideas with us!
    This bed is fantastic

  6. Thank you for explaining the tools you use! I appreciate it and really want to try it.


  7. Marleen, thanks a lot for sharing your secrets.
    I had the wish to try but someone told me it do not work with the normal, cheap soldering iron.
    I'm happy with your instructions!
    Hope your wound is healing!

  8. my thanks also...& hope your hand heals soon.

  9. Muchas gracias por compartir. Me encanta el resultado de su trabajo. Espero que la mano cure pronto. Gracias. Un abrazo.

  10. Gracias Marleen, facil usted hace la clase, espero pronto poder practicar la soldadura.
    Que mejore su mano.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  11. Thank you!

    @Anna;well you can see that it's not necessary to buy an expencive solder iron to solder miniatures!I work with a cheap one too ;-)

    My hand doesn't hurt anymore but it's a nasty burn wound...but it will go away soon ;-)

    Today i will go further on soldering the bed!

    Hugs and love,Marleen

  12. It is you very amablea on having showed us his technologies of work, always very good ideas are obtained.
    An embrace

    Es usted muy amablea al mostrarnos sus tecnicas de trabajo, siempre se obtienen muy buenas ideas.
    un abrazo

  13. Ooooo, did you put toothpaste on your hand, they are effective to soothe light burns. I get burnt by my solder all the time and I am quite scared of the tool so I do not solder well. So far I only try to solder wires without much success because teh iron just does not seem to melt! :):)

    That's why I was s interested in this post :)