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vrijdag 26 maart 2010

New object

 Today i began at a new object,
and it's gone be a beauty as i say by myself (LOL)
I'm so excited about it and i want to see a glimp of it!
This is just the beginning,it's one part of it,when i've finished it will look completly different.

With love,Marleen

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful! I should do something like this with all the wire I have. I'm just not very handy with the soldering.

  2. Well you should try it really it's not so hard as it likes.
    Its just a mather of practice.....i have just learn to soldering a while ago,and every time i do it goes better and better.
    It's so nice to do,so please try ;-)


  3. Nunca he soldadura hechp, lo veo complicado.
    Le felicito le ha quedado un conjunto muy bonito.
    Es para un cabezal? Sería preciosos.

  4. Thank you for your compliments!
    i'm not gone tell what it's going te be when it is finished....sorry(LOL) you will see it soon...i hope ;-)


  5. Geweldig, het eerste wat ik er in zie is een bed.
    Maar wat het ook mag worden, dit ziet er al heel mooi uit.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  6. Heel mooi! Ja een bed misschien, of een hek of zo'n scherm voor het raam, een haardscherm, of of of....Ik ben benieuwd.

  7. The bed will be wonderful
    That is a very intricate pattern
    It is really beautiful!
    Clever girl!

  8. Te a quedado precioso. Un cabecero fantastico.

  9. You are excellent at soldering! The bed(?)looks great!

  10. That's lovely so far - very intricate