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zondag 17 juli 2011

Too long.....

Hello everyone,

It is way too long since I've posted here, I am deeply ashamed!
Meanwhile I, despite all the bustle of work, housework and volunteer work, family etc, still a bit done to the hobby.
I want to show you my recent work;

farm outside laundry

The farm is almost finished, there are still some chickens, rabbits and plants and weeds to be added.

But  this  is a growing-project,
 that means that even more will be built,
so this part will be continued!

zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrr

I wish for all my readers and followers
a happy and a very healthy


vrijdag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

 With love,

maandag 1 november 2010

Update and more...

Hello everyone,

At first thank you for all of  your comments and best wishes.
So nice to read them,they gave me a warm feeling;-)
Thank you for that!

The surgery is now two weeks behind me and i should have some improvement,
but unfortunately I still have the same symptoms as before surgery.
The first three nights afther the surgery i did'nt sleep at all,
now i can sleep again hurrayyyyyy!
So i can't do much ,i have no strength in my hand and the tinglings in my fingers are still there
i've got no feeling in my fingers and the are so cold that it feels if they are frozen.

Past Thursday are the stitches removed,i'm very glad with it because they were too tight!
I don't use painkillers anymore,
Tomorrow i have to go to the hospital for a check up,and i hope that the docter can help me if anything else can be done to get some improvement.

I saw on different blog's of yours some beautiful Christmas items.
i still can't make mini's at the moment,but i have some pictures that i havend shared here,
so i will place them now.
These are 2 Christmas-corners (1:144) that i made a few years ago for a contest,
i have won the thirt-prize whit them!
i was my first contest ever.


dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

No blogs for a while....

It's been a while that i have blogged here.
But i've told you before that i have a problem on my right-hand and arm.
Well today i have surgery on my hand and arm...
at Dutch time 09.20 i'm going to the operating theatre.....
So the next weeks i can't do anything with it ,
i have to wait till my docter says that i may use my hand again.
Untill that time i can't blog for a while.
I'll hope that i see you all soon again in blogland!


vrijdag 3 september 2010

Visit from dollhouse friends

Last Wednesday I had three dollhouse girlfriends visiting me.
They had to travel for 3 houres by car to get here!
It was very nice and we've had much fun together.
I get a very nice present for my dollhouse;
and inside this beautiful shoppingbag on wheels
was still a lunchbox and thermos too!

With hotdogs in the lunchbox...... yammieeeeee!

Thank you Marlies,i love it!

Marlies have made these because i allway take a real shoppingbag on wheels with me
when i'm going to a dollhouse Exhibition (LOL)
The last time i went to an exhibition,my daughter filled a very large luchbox full with delicious
sandwiches but  to much for me allone.
 And so am I now, by the ladies of the Dutch forum, frequently plagued with my lunch box full of delicious sandwiches(LOL)
So that's why Marlies came to the idea to make this for me hahahahaa!
I'm very excited to get these beautiful gifts....

We've made some silk-roses and straw-hats,
had coffee with a strawberry-pie
a nice lunch and in the afthernoon a high tea(also with coffe and lemonade)

unfortunately i do'nt have any picture of what the ladies have made here,
but i do have a picture of mine;-)

the pink hat is decorated with silk roses that I made them myself

A brown hat with lace and feathers

And a terracotta hat with feathers and silk-bows

And then the ladies has to go home.....
time flies when you have fun!
But soon enough i will go visit the ladies too.


woensdag 25 augustus 2010

What's in my mail today...

 The postman ringed at my doorbel today!
He's got a huge packet for me.....
oooooh what sould be in i ask myself.
Well these beautifull swaps from 2 ladies from the swap-forum wich i join.
look for yourself how gorgeus they are:

A hooked blanked,a breadbasket with bread
and a breadbox white bread and a real working crumb-tray!
This is all made by Joke Ouwerkerk,thank you Joke
And al these beauties going to have a place in my Brocante Villa;-)

And this is made by Hélène;

A wickerd toy-basket with toys in it.

And in the basket is a Ot en Sien puzzle
a jump-rope a yo-yo and a hammer game
And these will find al place in my Ot en Sien-shop!


vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Color choises....

 I have to make a color choise for the Country cottage
that i want to make in de 'new'and clean dollhouse.
But that so hard...i don't know wich color to choose.
The cottage is now still white at all,
and i've purchased the windows and a frontdoor that i wanted to paint.

Maybe you can help me out!
i've got here some pictures from a cottage for inspiration
there from:Brocaatje
 I love this style and the colors at the inside of the cottage.

But at the outside it's a very different house with mine.
So that's why i'm having difficults to choose colors....

and this the house i wanted to change into a country cottage:

I've placed the windows and the frontdoor so you can see them.
there missing 2 windows but the're in order and
 i got this morning a thelephone that i can pick them up tomorrow.
So know  that why i have to make a color choise;-)

So...which color should you choose?????


Question about Springwood cottage...


I have, at one of the blogs of you all, seen a Springwood Cottage,
but i can't find it again.
So my question is:
If you know wich blog i'm looking for please send me the link in a comment under this post!
I will be very thankfull....


maandag 26 juli 2010

I'm Back!

Hello dear readers,

After a while been absent, I am  back again!

Not because I did not want to tinker, but because I could not because I was tinkering with an injection in my wrist my hand have gotten to the pain in my hand and arm reduction.

Unfortunately, during the injection of putting something went wrong and therefore I could not do anything and I just had a lot more pain.

It felt like if the skin was burned and i could yet pick up a teaspoon.

Now it's becoming a little better and now I again tried to make some miniatures,
 miraculously i could managed that yet!

So last weekend I've been busy and yet i want to show you what i've made;

At first i finished my emboider pillow

after that i've made a little bear with a wind-mill in his hands but
i gave the bear to my neighbour and forget to make a photo of it!
but next time i visit my neighbour i will ask her to make a photo so i can show it here;-)

Today i have made a wedding-hat ;

Front of the hat

side way

and the bach-side of the hat

Then i have made this pink hat for a bridesmaid;

At last i have made two storage baskets;

And i have notished that i have allready passed the 250 followers!!!
Wauwwww,i very surprised that so many people like to read my blog
and watch my miniatures.
So thank you all for following and reading my blog!
I will think about another give away for the fact that i have passed the 250;-)
So keep looking here and soon  i will be announce a  new give away!


woensdag 7 juli 2010

A day with my friend in Rotterdam

The 27e of juni i went for a day to my friend Emma who live in the city of Rotterdam.
I went by train and the trip would take 3 hours and 20 minutes....
Only just before the city of Gouda the train suddenly braked hard  and then stopped..

What appeared to be the case......
 OMG, there was someone jumped in front of the train!
we've stould there  over 2 houres before the train go further to Rotterdam.
Finally arrived in Rotterdam,
Emma has already waiting  two houres for me at the station.
At her home we have a lunch at first and then we gave each other gifts.
This is what i made for Emma

The iron plant hanger

And this is what Emma and i have made together

Hats and bags

Emma have learned me how to embroider!
Yes i'm so proud that i can embroider by my self now :-)
these are my first crossstitches

And this far is it now

I like it very much!
It's going be a pillow for the brocante villa;-)

And then the day has ended....
Emma her son brougt me with his car back home.
We will soon meeting again ....


maandag 21 juni 2010

Hat-box and roof-tiles....

Tonight i had a online workshop at the Dutch Doll House forum.
We've made a hat-box,aldough my hand and arm hurts i've finshed my hat-box!
My hat box isn't that beautiful ,but for the first time i'm satisfied;-)

this afthernoon i started to make roof-tiles for the cleaned doll house.
i have to make lots and lots  more of those roof-tiles!

I think i will make a country cottage in it...


Yessss,the dirty work is done!

 I'm so glad that the dirty work is over.

             I have a chisel used to first remove all the coarse surface layer,

Then I sanded the whole thing and I put  wet towels in boiling water with vinegar on the dirty spots
 made out to loosen things.

Then I could so easily remove the dirt.

Then I let everything dry and sanded again and again in the primer gezet.
 The house smells no longer at cats-poo but at fresh primer .... and it smells so much better;-)
It looks brand new by now:-))



dinsdag 15 juni 2010

A 'new 'dollhouse!

 Tonight my hubbie and i were visiting our oldest son.
A few years a go i've asked my friends husband to build a doll house for his birthday.
I had a picture of how the doll house i wanted for him,and just the way i wanted to be the doll house is build.
My son loves the doll house very much,but he's got no money to finish the doll house.
So his cats has used the doll house to play in it(LOL)
But they have also do some damage at the doll house....
So my son has decited to gif the doll house back to me!
So tonight we took it to our home.
I must say that i must clean it first....
The cats have used it as a it smell not so good:-(
yakkkkk,a very unpleasend work is waiting for me to do.
I'll hope i can get it clean and odor free.
So if anyone has a good tip to get this al cleaned up,please leave a comment!

This is the doll house (the pictures are made at our previous house):

This is the doll house as he's got it from us

Ofcourse mom has to put it in the primer and .... the outside plaster-work on it.

Know i must be thinking of what i want to do with it,
what kind of house it must going to be....
I thougt about a cottage with a thatched roof but will it look good for this house model???
Pffffft....i really don't know by now,
so firts i'm cleaning it out and have a good thinking about it;-)


woensdag 9 juni 2010

Bistro set

In the past few days I have been busy making a bistro set,

as far as my arm that allowed.
Especially cutting and sanding was very painful,but i can't just sitting and do nothing.
So its during a little bit longer than usual to finishing. But the Dutch saying goes thus: honesty is the best ;-)

At work I get it busier in the coming period, because I've got a few new clients there.
 Unfortunately I like less time left to be busy making miniatures.

Then my daughter a few days' birthday, then she is 17 Already ... time flies.
So there's gone be a birthday party this weekend, and i have to make some birthday cakes at saturday.
So next week i will be very busy....
Hope to see you al back soon!